June - August

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Ranger Apprentice Camps

Set Up Camp

Monday, June 12th | 9am – 3pm

Covert Operations

Tuesday, June 13th | 9am – 3pm

Canoeing & Kayaking

Wednesday, June 14th | 9am – 3pm

Graduation Day

Thursday, June 15th | 9am – 3pm

Dress for the Mess Camps

The Messy Artist

Monday, June 19th | 9am – 3pm


Tuesday, June 20th | 9am – 3pm

Who Wants to be the Messiest!?

Wednesday, June 21st | 9am – 3pm

Mud Pies & Campfires

Thursday, June 22nd | 9am – 3pm

Wet & Wild Camps

Pond It!

Monday, June 26th | 9am – 3pm

Paddle Up!

Tuesday, June 27th | 9am – 3pm

Water Animals

Wednesday, June 28th | 9am – 3pm

The Enchanted Cottage @ Eagle Point

Water, Water Everywhere

Thursday, June 29th | 9am – 3pm

The Great Outdoors Camps

Canoeing & Kayaking

Monday, July 10th | 9am – 3pm

All Aboard!

Tuesday, July 11th | 9am – 3pm

The Enchanted Cottage @ Eagle Point

Giddy Up!

Wednesday, July 12th | 9am – 3pm

Archery & Outdoor Cooking

Thursday, July 13th | 9am – 3pm

The Enchanted Cottage @ Eagle Point

Color Wars


Monday, July 17th | 9am – 3pm


Tuesday, July 18th | 9am – 3pm


Wednesday, July 19th | 9am – 3pm

Minute To Win It

Thursday, July 20th | 9am – 3pm

Tween Archery Camp

August 1st - August 3rd

9am – 3pm

Osborn MetroPark