Things With Wings Camp

June 6th – 9th

Birds, bugs, and bats – oh my! Explore life in the skies in this avian-themed week. Campers will go on a pollinator hunt, learn the basics of birding, catch food like a bat, and so much more!

Adventure Camp

June 13th – 16th

Archery, kayaking, sports, and more! Explore nature and channel your inner sportsman with peers your age in this physical and competition-themed week. Campers will go on a kayaking adventure, learn the basics of archery, play soccer, pickleball, kickball & more! This program is aimed at kids ages 10-16.

Kidventure Camp

June 27th – 30th

Kids know how to have fun! At Kidvanture Camp kids will explore the Huron River by kayak, play soccer, and get creative with art & nature. Nature education and fun; what more could a kid ask for!?

Scales and Tales

July 11th – 14th

Ever heard of Reptile Resort? How about Camp Slither? Get ready for some rad reptile retreats and amphibious adventures in this week’s camp. You will learn all about snakes, turtles, frogs, toads and more! You will adventure into the woods to find these creatures in their natural habitat and learn about these species and their surroundings.

Animal Kingdom Camp

July 18th – 21st

What’s in a habitat? At this camp you will learn about various animals that live in Ohio and all about their habitats. You will learn how all creatures are connected and how they adapt to their environment. Put on your boots, we are going on an adventure deep into Edison Woods MetroPark and Osborn MetroPark!

H2WHOA! Camp

July 25th – 28th

Water you waiting for? Sign up for this aquatic-themed week, and learn to paddle a canoe and kayak, fish for tadpoles, and learn about monsters of the deep. We will also play water-themed games!

Registration opens April 5th at 9AM!

Register for one week or more! 
To register, please call (419) 625-7783 or click the button below.