Conserve. Preserve. Educate.


Erie MetroParks is committed to the responsible conservation of our county’s natural resources. We believe that in order for all life to progress and move forward, our natural resource need to be used in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way.


Erie MetroParks works hard to preserve natural environments and habitats where it’s deemed necessary for the wellbeing of all life. Whether it’s protecting marshes and wetlands that act as filters for our freshwater lakes and stream, or restricting access to nesting areas for endangered species, our mission is to protect the most vulnerable of our natural resources.


Conservation and Preservation does not happen in a vacuum. We need all hands on deck in order for our mission to be successful. We believe the best way for people to be educated about the importance of protecting our natural resources is through experience. By offering hundreds of free public programs, opportunities for recreation, and access to over 30 miles of trails, we invite everyone to discover the wonders of the natural world first-hand.