Take a look at the fun we had last year!

Castaway Camp

June 17th – 20th

Campers will learn how to navigate a river by canoe and kayak, build shelters and tools, and basic survival skills in our first ‘Castaway’ Camp!

Eco-Warrior Camp

June 24th – 27th

Campers will learn the important roles of animals, how animals use camoflague, and how we can make the Earth a cleaner place to live by becoming an eco-warrior!

Myth Busters Camp

July 8th – 11th

Learn to tell fact from fiction by putting some common nature-myths to the test! Campers will experiment with water-propelled rockets, hunt for mythical creatures, and more!

Pirate Camp

July 15th – 18th

Arrrr you ready for adventure? Pirate Camp will have ye land lubbers exploring vernal pools, setting “sail” in canoes and kayaks, and searching for hidden treasure!

Registration opens the first business day of April!

To register, please call (419) 625-7783 x221.