Fundraising Campaign for the New Erie MetroParks Nature Center

The people of Erie County built Erie MetroParks to conserve natural resources and connect people with nature. It was built with public funds and generous donations. This new Nature Center would not be possible without the steadfast support of our Board of Park Commissioners, Erie County residents, and the many donors. We need your donations. This will be a huge addition to Erie County.


You can donate in a couple ways. First, you can donate with a credit card! Just click on the button, sign up, and donate. It’s simple. Secondly, you can pledge a certain amount and pay over time by filling out the Donor Pledge Letter. You can also donate by printing out the Donation Card and donating any amount you’d like. You would just mail the card along with your donation directly to:

Erie MetroParks Generation to Generation Campaign, 3910 Perkins Ave., Huron, Ohio 44839.


Please call 419-625-7783 ext. 221 with any questions.

With sincere appreciation, we thank you all for your commitment to our mission.