Grant Opportunity


Erie MetroParks recently reinstated a Local Parks Capital Improvement Grant program. This program was in place from 1987 to 2007.  The purpose of this program is to improve local outdoor recreation opportunities in Erie County. The Park District supports conservation, education and recreation and to provide opportunities for visitors and residents to use, enjoy, understand and appreciate these resources in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Through this grant program, Erie MetroParks wishes to help service organizations with recreation areas without having a landowner’s presence.   The Board of Park Commissioners voted in February 2018 to bring back the once popular program; allowing up to $25,000 to be spent for support. The board and Executive Director, Amy Bowman-Moore, value partnerships in creating improved outdoor recreation and are excited to have the opportunity to assist the local communities grow.

The grant program was increased to $30,000 in 2019. This year, $45,808 was requested through the grant program.  Erie MetroParks was able to award $30,000 towards local projects.

Applicants who were awarded grants include:

  • Oxford Township: $5,000

  • City of Vermillion: $3,000

  • City of Sandusky: $4,000

  • Margaretta Township: $3,000

  • Groton Township: $7,502
  • Milan Township: $5,650

  • City of Huron: $803

  • Village of Castalia: $1,045