Since 2007, the Erie MetroBark Park off-leash dog park at Osborn MetroPark has been an indispensable resource for dog owners all across Erie County. The Erie MetroBark dog park is free to use. 

After researching other park districts across the country, Erie MetroParks has learned that the majority of off-leash dog parks are available at no cost to park patrons. It gives us great pride to be able to follow this model and provide a place for people to let their dogs run free – literally.

The Erie MetroBark Park provides over 3 acres of fenced in, professionally maintained lawn for dogs of all kinds with a partitioned area specifically for small dogs. The Friends of Erie MetroParks constructed the fence in 2007 as part of their annual “Go Take a Hike” kickoff event. More recently, two shelters have been constructed in the large section of the dog park, and a doggy playground has been added.

Erie MetroParks reminds users all Erie MetroBark Park rules still apply and recommends that all dogs who use the park have current vaccines and remain under the supervision of their owners at all times, as using the dog park will be at your own risk. We would like to remind park visitors that, outside of the dog park, pets must be leashed at all times and waste must be picked up and placed in waste receptacles. The dog park is located at 3109 Hull Rd, Huron, OH 44839.