Each MetroPark has its own management plan, which are updated annually. These plans will provide information about each park, including natural features, unique findings and an inventory of all plant species. We encourage everyone to review these plans below and become more educated about the wonderful parks Erie MetroParks has to offer!

Management Plans

Click on a MetroPark property below to see the Management Plan for that park.

Berlin Heights Ravine                                    Hoffman Forest MetroPark

Osborn MetroPark                                        East Sandusky Bay MetroPark Areas

Wakefield MetroPark                                   DuPont State Nature Preserve                           

Thomas Williams MetroPark                        The Coupling MetroPark

Pelton Park                                                    Castalia Quarry MetroPark

Milan Towpath MetroPark                           Birmingham School MetroPark

Huron River Path MetroPark                        Edison Woods MetroPark

Howe Breeze Hill Farm